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Life Beyond Sunday?

Promo image for Fruitfulness on the Frontline

Ever wondered how what you do on a Sunday can impact your week more?

Join us for Fruitfulness on the Frontline as we explore how we can make a difference wherever we are in the week – at the shops, the gym, the bus stop, the school gate, work and beyond.

We kick off on Sunday 17th September at 6:30pm and the series takes us right through until May 2018, so there’s lots of great stuff to explore. We’ll be doing this at CafĂ© Church, which has a new home at Townfield Church, St Andrew’s School, Townfield Lane, Bebington.

We’d really love to see you there – one congregation member has high praise for this series:

I’ve found this series to be really inspiring and challenging for my day to day life as a Christian

Take a look at the trailer: