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Men’s Fellowship

Men’s Fellowship meets in the morning of the first Tuesday of the months September to May. The first 30 minutes is devoted to a chat over coffee. Meetings include a bible reading and bidding prayer. The talk occupies 45 minutes and then some discussion. Average attendance is about 15 from a membership of about 22. Not all members are from St Andrew’s church – about 8 local churches are represented.

Our purpose has four dimensions

  •  Brotherhood. Friendship, encouragement and mutual esteem are the forerunners of witness and fellowship.
  • Inquisitiveness. All wholesome activity interests us. Our meetings are to inform and entertain the membership and celebrate the talents of our speakers.
  • Christian ethos. We are different to a secular forum. We meet to honour Christ in the world but our meetings are not teaching events or theological debates.
  • Community interest. We want to be aware of service and ministry in our community.