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Women’s Fellowship

Women’s Fellowship meets weekly on Tuesdays at 2.15pm in the church hall  with average attendance at present of approximately 60, with 80 on the register.
Many members are over 80, but new members are joining. Over 80s receive flowers on their birthday. The Fellowship is divided into small groups on a geographical basis, each group under the care of a ‘Captain of Ten’. These ladies act as Welcomers, two per week, and keep group registers. They are often the first to become aware of health problems and prayer needs.
Many members are willing to share in prayer, Bible reading and members’ afternoons. We have a card sale each week, an excellent catering team and a brilliant treasurer who also plans our outings.

Our aims are:
• To promote encouraging friendships and fellowship within the group
• To encourage spiritual understanding and deepening of personal faith and commitment
• To increase awareness of the ministry of Christians in our church, in this country and abroad.